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This category of compositions is dedicated to music for the Holiday season! From Christmas to Hanukkah, we offer many variations of compositions for orchestras and choirs from small to large. Please take a moment to look around our Holiday collection and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. Happy Holidays!

Title Composer Orchestration Length
Blackberry Winter Conni Ellisor Solo Mountain Dulcimer and String Orchestra 16:55
Brahms' Lullaby Brahms 2 Solo Celli, 2222-2000, hp, str 3:00
Broad Bands of Light Conni Ellisor Solo Dulcimer, 2211-2110, timp, perc, str 22:00
Concerto for Bass Clarinet Lucas Richman Solo Bass Clarinet, 2 percussion, piano, strings 17:30
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra: The Clearing Lucas Richman Solo Oboe, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 17:00
Concerto for Percussion: The Healer Lucas Richman Solo Percussion, 3222-4231-timp+2, str 24:00
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth Lucas Richman Solo Piano, 3332-4331-tmp+3, str 28:00
Jubilance Erhu, 2102-2000-2 perc, str 3:00
Marimba Concerto Conni Ellisor Solo Marimba, 3 perc, strings 15:00
Move On: Concerto for Oboe and Strings Lucas Richman Oboe and Strings 10:30
Rhapsody for Viola Conni Ellisor Solo viola, 1111-0100, perc, strings 9:46
The Rock’s Shadow (from Shades of the Jebel) Lucas Richman Solo Piano, str 3:00
Sea Without a Shore Conni Ellisor Marimba, Five Percussion, 2111-2100, strings 25:00
Seven Circles of Life Lucas Richman Soprano, Narrator, Solo Cello, Chorus, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str 35:00
Shalom Becha Nishba’ati (from Generations) Lucas Richman Soprano, Solo Cello, 2222-2000, timp+1, hp, str 5:00
The Bell Witch Dances Conni Ellisor 3231-4431, timp, perc, str 6:00
Three Pieces for Cello and Orchestra Lucas Richman Solo Cello, 2222-2200-timp+1, hp, str 17:30
Zingaro: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Garry Schyman Solo Viola, 0020-0000-timp+3, hp, str 18:00