Wind From The Mountain

Composed by Conni Ellisor
Length: 19:00
Instrumentation: 0000-2422, euphonium, timp, percussion
Ensemble: Brass Ensemble
Instrument / Voice: Percussion

In three movements, this soaring and profound piece, commissioned by the Denver Brass, represents the winds that blow through the mountains of Colorado.

“This is absolutely one of the most profound and challenging pieces of original brass music that I have ever played in my 43 year career as a professional trumpeter.”

~ F. Joseph Docksey, principal trumpet Denver Brass

Conni discussed the piece with Denver Post arts critic Glenn Griffin in an article published on January 14, 2000:

When the commission was offered, the parameters were for “brass and percussion” and it should in some way represent Colorado. When I started to write it, it was approximately a year since my mother’s death. When I approached the piece in Colorado there’s those winds that come in the autumn that seem to blow all the old stuff away.

“But these things always take on a life of their own, and the second movement is very dark and it’s about that place in life where, for me personally, from the diagnosis of cancer (in her mother) to the end, there was no way out. There’s no way out; the inevitable will happen; it’s relentless…In the third movement, it ends in a prayer. I’m hoping that it’s basically uplifting.”