Stephen Thomas Cavit

Stephen Thomas Cavit, Iconic360 – Sound and Music Composer/Principal, is a three-time Emmy Award winner, BMI Conducting Workshop fellow, IAAPA Brass Ring Award winner, THEA Award winner, and a Sundance Composers Lab fellow.

Mr. Cavit is based in the United States working with clients throughout the world. Stephen has created music for such well-known franchises as JUMANJI, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, and UNCHARTED for Sony Pictures Entertainment, THE WALKING DEAD at Universal Studios Hollywood, ICE AGE: NO TIME FOR NUTS and ALIEN DESCENT for 20th Century Fox, and ALIEN V. PREDATOR also for Universal Studios.  Stephen provided original composition for the most recent GHOSTBUSTERS video game for Sony/Immersive Gamebox.  Stephen collaborated with the SHANGHAI ASTRONOMY MUSEUM/PLANETARIUM on all aspects of audio presentation, from immersive audio programming to original music creation and is doing the same for the SHANGHAI SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MUSEUM.  Finally, Stephen had the honor of creating the theme of PBS, writing the network station ID and all non-programming music for the network.