Hanukkah Music for Orchestra!

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It’s that time again for orchestras around the world to seek music for their winter holiday concerts.  We have many favored pieces for Christmas as well as Hanukkah available for rental and purchase. Each year LeDor Publishing provides many orchestras with holiday favorites, including the popular “Hanukkah Festival Overture” arranged by Lucas Richman: ~ Also, […]

A Smile and A Hymn of Thanks

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Written on Thanksgiving, 2020 By Lucas Richman I am, by nature, an optimist. I wear my smile inside and I am generally able to feel its resonance come forward, providing an overall lightness of being during my waking hours. Of course, there have been the inevitable occasions in which I have found myself dangerously deep […]

Brahms and Chicken Curry With a Side of Integrity

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By Lucas Richman –  I will admit that it has been a bit difficult for me to listen to music or watch pre-COVID performance videos as our absence from the concert hall and theatres graduates to its fifth month of silence. Without any in-person large ensemble musical collaborations being realistically viable in the near future […]