Collected Works for Soprano – Vol. 1 (music book)

Composed by Lucas Richman
Words by Various
Length: 60:00
Instrumentation: Soprano, Piano
Ensemble: Solo
Instrument / Voice: Piano, Soprano (voice)

Volume 1 – “The Melodious Spirit”

This first volume of songs for soprano and piano features a series of works in which spiritual text has been uplifted by Lucas Richman’s heartfelt expression through melodic lyricism.


In the Jewish tradition, the Bible is chanted through a complex system of “tropes” or cantillations. The Bible is sung, never spoken, as are the prayers, through a system of “Nigunim” (melodies). These tropes were the basis for Gregorian chant, which led to the modern system of Western notation. The sages of most every religion, both Western and Eastern, knew that the way to a person’s soul was through song. As a mother, the songs I sang to my children were my first expressions of love and comfort. As a choir conductor, I start every rehearsal with a release of breath, a release of the day, followed by a vocal siren to focus ourselves and allow the bubble of our united voices to take us to a higher plane of existence. Singing provides us with the opportunity to connect to our individual interpretations of the text, and lifts the words to new levels of meaning.

Lucas Richman’s vocal writing gives soul to the words. As a longtime friend and colleague of his, I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Lucas and premiering many of his works for orchestra and voices. The marriage of word to musical phrase is masterful and his accompaniments are supportive, with creative bursts that surprise and delight. His compositions are authentic and unique.

In this collection of songs for soprano and piano, Lucas has reimagined his orchestral accompaniments into polished piano arrangements. As a pianist, I appreciate his thoughtfulness in creating piano parts that are both playable and beautiful.  My work as a conductor has been dedicated to bringing the highest level of artistry to music of the Jewish experience and sharing that music with the multi-faceted aspects of our dispersed community. Lucas Richman has always been a special partner in that endeavor. From simple melodies that will resonate at a prayer service to complex renditions of text suited for the concert hall, this new collection has something for everyone.

Dr. Noreen Green
Artistic Director and Conductor
Los Angeles Jewish Symphony
Jewish Community Chorale


  1. The Angels
  2. Rise Up, My Love
  3. Strengthen the Bond
  4. A Power Never Felt Before
  5. In The Day When I Cried Out 
  6. Psalm 23
  7. Dodi Li
  8. We Are Thy Children
  9. A Legacy of Life
  10. God Who Blesses Us
  11. Vow of Love
  12. Psalm 122
  13. Sheva B’rachot