Collected Works for Cello (music book)

Composed by Lucas Richman
Length: 60:00
Instrumentation: Cello, Piano
Ensemble: Solo, Duet
Instrument / Voice: Cello

Note from the Composer:

Throughout my musical life, I have wondered how differently things might have turned out had I chosen the cello as my main instrument instead of opting for the much easier-to-carry violin. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy decades of music-making from my orchestral perch in the first and second violin sections (as well as the neighborly viola section) but I have always felt a connection to the deeper soulful tones of the cello.

So, as a composer, I did the next best thing and ended up writing numerous works for many of my cellist friends. The works assembled in this present collection represent a series of musical conversations and collaborations in which I have been blessed to engage over the past forty years. In an eclectic array of styles and technique, each piece serves as a reflection of the person I was at the time of its composition. So, with that, my hope is that the notes within these pages might inspire continued curiosity and joyful conversations, as well as many moments of enjoyment, hope, passion and peace.

~ Lucas Richman


  1. Three Pieces for Cello* – video 
  2. Revelation of Forces*
  3. Sonata for Cello and Piano*
  4. Echoes of Darkness
  5. Rhapsody for Cello (The Haunted Concerto)*
  6. Works for Solo Cello
    1. Yizkor Meditation – video
    2. Stream of Consciousness No.2video
    3. Adoration

* Available for performance with orchestra