Ernest – A Musical Play

Composed by Lucas Richman
Words by Marty Hansen
Length: 60:00
Instrumentation: Cast of 8 or more, 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str

Music by Lucas Richman
Adaptation and Lyrics by Marty Hansen

Based on “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde

Featured Songs:

In the English Countryside
I Know I Can Trust
Never Tell A Lady the Truth
Saving Myself for Someone
Anything is Possible


Act 1:

1. Overture
2. The Definitive Elegant Bachelor Of 1894
3. Ernest In Town, Jack In The Country/The Bunbury Ditty
4. Never Tell A Lady The Truth
5. Cucumber Sandwiches
6. I Know I Can Trust A Man Who Is Ernest
7. London In The Summer
8. The Bunbury Ditty – Reprise
9. The English Countryside
10. Saving Myself For Someone
11. A Ripe Tomato
12. Dear Departed Ernest
13. Anything Is Possible
14. Anything Is Possible – Reprise

Act 2:

15. Entr’acte
16. Town And Country
17. I Trusted A Man Who Said He Was Ernest
18. The Muffin Song
19. Thank You, Aunt Augusta
20. Finale
21. Bows

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