Of Life, Of Love, Of Loss

Composed by Lucas Richman
Words by Lucas Richman
Length: 60:00
Instrumentation: Six Women, 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str

A song-cycle examining life, love and loss across generations to be performed with a cast of six or more women.

Featured Songs:

So Be It, Amen
My Bedtime List
These Are Things I Know
The Truth Is
We Share A Bond


1. So Be It, Amen
2. All Thanks To You
3. I Don’t Believe It!
4. A Stack of Bills
5. My Bedtime List
6. These Are Things I Know
7. The Insomniac
8. He Was Supposed to Be Happy
9. Life Is Like Getting Your Hair Done
10. The Maestro’s Wife
11. My Mother Makes Me Practice the Violin
12. Mommy’s Wisdom
13. I Want A Maid
14. Jerry/Arise My Love
15. The Truth Is
16. Letters From the Children
17. First Things, First
18. Dodi Li
19. We Share A Bond
20. When Love Is Ours
21. The Birthday Bop
22. That Touch of Nana
23. So Be It, Amen – Reprise

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