PICARDY PENGUIN – Children’s Concert Series

Created by Lucas Richman
Length: 55:00
Instrumentation: Narrator (can be the Conductor), Soprano, 3222-4331-timp+3, hp, str

Your Animated Guide to Classical Music!

Projected from a screen above the orchestra, Picardy interacts
with the conductor, orchestra, soloist and audience through Flash animation!


What is a Picardy Penguin Show?

It’s Live, Interactive Animation!

Fully scripted, 50-minute interactive, educational and entertaining programs!
Created for children between the ages 3 and 8
Technically easy: dialogue and motions triggered by the press of a button offstage!
Programs created for individual presentation or together as a series!
Affordably priced and yours to keep and use again and again!


Nine Available Shows!

Supplies and Specs:

LeDor Publishing supplies the following for each program purchased:

  • Animation Files (playable on PC and Mac-based computers)
  • Scores and orchestral parts for all musical selections (excepting the one or two works per show that are only available as rentals from other publishers)
  • 3 narrator scripts (conductor, soloist and one extra)
  • 4 technical scripts (notes for sound, lighting, Stage Manager and Computer Operator)
  • Artwork for publicity

For proper presentation of animation, the host orchestra should expect to provide a Computer, Computer video adaptor, Projector, Amplification system and Screen.  The purchase price to buy each show is $2500. Discount provided for purchasing more than one show at a time.

LeDor Publishing can also assist in providing a conductor, vocal soloist and computer operator for additional fees.

For more information Call (888) 624-9094 or email sales@ledorgroup.com