The Open Heart: A One-Act Opera

Composed by Lucas Richman
Words by Lucas Richman, Peter Mark Richman
Length: 55:00
Instrumentation: Nine Singer/Actors, 1111-1100, alto sax, synth, drums, vln, vcl, bass

This one-act opera finds a recent heart attack victim evaluating his life as his loved ones interact around him.

Featured Songs:

What Can I Say?
You Wouldn’t Listen
What Can I Do?


1.     Opening
2.     He Wouldn’t Listen
3.     How Can This Be?
4.     There’s A Place That I Know
5.     A Surgeon Is A Man
6.     Stuck
7.     I’ll Try
8.     What Can I Say?
9.     Nurse’s Creed
10.   She Needs My Man
11.   You Wouldn’t Listen
12.   Sallybelle
13.   What Can I Do?
14.   Finale

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