Composed by Lucas Richman
Length: 4:30
Instrumentation: 2223-4331-timp+2, hp and str
Ensemble: Full Orchestra

Wind Ensemble recording (orchestral recording presently unavailable):

Elegy was written to honor those who lost their lives or were injured in the terrorist assault on the Inland Regional Center in San Bernadino, California in 2015. The framework of the piece utilizes a setting of the Jewish prayer, “Kever Avot” (Graves of the Fallen) with a reenactment of the traditional blowing of the Shofar (ram’s horn). The centerpiece of the work finds 14 notes articulated in the violin part, representing the 14 people killed in the attack, with the violin melody arranged in such a way that it is interrupted and, ultimately, incomplete.

Comes with score and parts (string count of 9-8-6-6-5, unless otherwise requested.  No extra charge for larger string count.)