Hommage à Haydn

Orchestrated David Rahbee
Length: 18:00
Instrumentation: 3222-2231, 2 perc, str
Category: Masterworks

To honor Haydn’s memory, six composers each wrote a short piano piece using the letters of Haydn’s name as a five-note motive. They were given H (B natural), A, Y (D), D, N (G). Y and B become D and G by “putting the letter’s alphabetical order over the diatonic series of the sound scale.”

The piano works were originally commissioned by the Revue musicale mensuelle de la Société Internationale de Musique in 1909 to mark the centenary of Joseph Haydn’s death.  They have been orchestrated for this collected suite by David A. Rahbee.

  1.  Maurice Ravel: Menuet sur le nom d’Haydn, (1909), (2.5’), 1222–1100, opt. harp, str  (Video Link)
  2.  Claude Debussy: Hommage à Haydn (1909, (2.5’),  2[1.2/pic]222–2231–2 perc, str  (Video Link)
  3.  Vincent d’Indy: Menuet sur le nom d’Haydn, op.65 (1909), (3’), 1201–2000 – str
  4.  Paul Dukas: Prélude élégiaque sur le nom de Haydn (1909), (5’), 2[1.2/pic] 222–1110–perc, str
  5.  Charles-Marie Widor: Fugue sur le nom d’Haydn (1909), (2’), Strings
  6.  Reynaldo Hahn: Thème varié sur le nom de Haydn (1909), (3’), 2222–2000–opt timp, str  (Video Link)

Movements rented separately for $75 each.