Serenity on the Lake

Composed by Lucas Richman
Length: 6:45
Instrumentation: 2222-2221-timp+2, hp, str
Category: Masterworks
Audio sample

Serenity on the Lake considers the fullness of life through the serenity of nature.  Commissioned by Lee Souweine in honor of his late wife, Ruth, the work reflects on the
love and the life of its beloved subject. The concept for creating this new symphonic work follows the evolution of a simple four-note motive (“RUTH” translated to the
musical pitches D-G-F-A) into a series of musical variations, each revealing individual aspects of Ruth from her indomitable spirit to her love of family, friends and community.
At key moments in the piece, “White Coral Bells” can also be heard, invoking the memory of a favorite folk song.

Serenity on the Lake receives its world premiere with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra on April 7, 2019, with the composer conducting.