¡VAMOS! (Let’s Go!)

Composed by Josh Rodríguez
Length: 4:30
Instrumentation: 2222-4331, timp+3, hp, pno, str
Category: Encore, Masterworks
Ensemble: Full Orchestra

Fiery Latin American rhythms combine with a funk-influenced ostinato to make ¡VAMOS! (Spanish for “let’s go!”) the perfect concert opener. Built on a melody based on the letters in Beethoven’s name, it’s a great way to bring multicultural flair to a program featuring Beethoven’s music – or to any classical, pops, or family concert.

Composer’s Notes:
During my teen years, when my friends were listening to alternative rock bands, I found myself entranced with Beethoven. I vividly remember an evening spent listening to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with the score when it dawned on me – all the music was connected by the opening 4 note motif! It was a revelation. From that moment on, I listened to music differently. I’d always related to the rhythmic angst and melodic passion in Beethoven; now I realized that his emotional journey was also brilliantly structured and uniCed by simple musical ideas. I wanted to do the same: to write