Congratulations Composer Andrea Clearfield!

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Congratulations on the April 1, 2017, release of her new CD

Women of Valor

Performed by the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony, conducted by Maestra Noreen Green.

Released by Albany records, this hour-long oratorio is a celebration of women from the Old Testament, inspired by a Midrash (biblical commentary) on Proverbs, where each line of the biblical text from Proverbs 31 represents a strong, resourceful woman.  Texts for “Women of Valor” are drawn both from the Bible and from modern poems and prose, highlighting the stories of Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Jocheved, Miriam, Hannah, Jael, Michal, Ruth, and Esther.

“The expansive work is accessible to all, incredibly well crafted both in its musical form and the arch of its emotional impact on an audience… It is a work that deserves many performances.” 
~Dr. Noreen Green, Artistic Director,