Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 2:30 pm

“[Ellisor] can take materials out of diverse non-classical traditions and marry them with classical ideas and methods so that each tradition retains its distinctiveness within a whole greater than the sum of its parts.” –Marcel Smith, Nashville Scene

Aram Demirjian, conductor
Stephen Seifert, mountain dulcimer

The Chamber Classics season comes to a close with a program of Americana and the outdoors. Stephen Seifert makes his KSO debut performing on the Appalachian dulcimer.


CHARLES IVES                  Symphony No. 3, “The Camp Meeting”

CONNI ELLISOR               Blackberry Winter (Appalachian Dulcimer Concerto)

JOSEPH HAYDN               Symphony No. 6, “Morning”

Why You Will Love This Program:

  • Conni Ellisor’s Blackberry Winter will sound right in season here in East Tennessee! A “blackberry winter” is a period of cold weather in late spring when blackberries are in bloom.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the name Charles Ives! Though this innovative American composer could write music that sounds shocking, his Third Symphony (which won a posthumous Pulitzer Prize), uses familiar American hymn tunes and folk songs as its melodic basis, evoking a camp meeting in three parts: Old Folks Gatherin’Children’s Day; and Communion
  • Joseph Haydn’s “Morning” Symphony sounds like a breath of fresh morning air, complete with a musical sunrise and birdsongs.

Musical Tasting Menu:

  • Get your day started with a minute-long sunrise and flute birdsong courtesy of Haydn HERE.
  • Preview the dramatic first movement of Blackberry Winter HERE.