“Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” Enlists Composer Garry Schyman

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Earned a BAFTA nomination for the 2014 ‘Lord of the Rings’ video game ‘Shadow of Mordor.’

Garry Schyman was responsible for the score in the 2014 predecessor, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which earned him a BAFTA nomination alongside co-composer Nathan Grigg.

“I am pleased, excited and grateful to announce my work in scoring WB/Monolith Games massive sequel to Shadow of Mordor: Shadow of War,” he said.

Shadow of War is much more than a sequel, I believe it stands as a real achievement in game design and execution and will be talked about for decades,” said Schyman, adding, “I also believe our score wonderfully enhances this project.”

Scoring such a large game is no small task, however, as Schyman explained: “I wrote over two and half hours of music in partnership with my friend Nathan Grigg (advanced composer at Monolith Games, the studio responsible for Shadow of War and Mordor).”

He added, “In addition to writing 90 minutes of in-game music, I scored nearly an hour of beautiful acted and rendered CGI movies, some of the best in-game cinematic acting I have had the privilege to work on.”

The scoring required “two full weeks of recording,” Schyman explained, which he conducted with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

~Patrick Shanley, The Hollywood Reporter